Free Image Enhancer and Photo Enhancer Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHIEN Image Enhancer Tool?

Introducing PHIEN Image: Your ultimate AI Image and Photo Enhancer tool. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, PHIEN stands for (PH)Photo-(I)Image-(En)Enhancer. You can give life and elevate your visuals with our intuitive tool. It is crafted to enhance images and upscale photos effortlessly. It uses advanced AI technology and custom in-built functionality to help you brighten, sharpen, unblur, invert, and automatically adjust contrast in your photos with ease, simply by click of buttons.

PHIEN also gives you flexibility to import and download images in different formats. It uses powerful AI algorithms for image enhancement and upscaling. It saves your precious time by performing complex and tedious tasks with automated features in seconds.

Is PHIEN Free?

Yes, PHIEN is absolutely and totally free. It doesn't require any form fill up or signing up to use this tool.

But, we expect you to use it responsibly and not to misuse or misreprsent it in any way. You will be solely responsible for any consequences.

Technologies have been developed for making positive impact on society and to make our lives easier and better, so let's use them with wisdom and responsibility.

What are the image formats PHIEN supports?

PHIEN supports wide range of image formats to work with. The formats it support for image upload and image download are:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • TIFF
  • WEBP
  • ICO

What are the steps to perform image enhancement or upscaling in PHIEN?

Here are the steps for performing an image enhancement or upscaling an image in PHIEN:

  1. Click on the "Select" button, a pop-up will appear. Select an image from your device and click on Open button to upload it in the tool. Uplaoded image will show in "Original Image" block.
  2. After uploading the image, choose a feature you want to apply on your image from "Choose an Image Enhancement Feature" section.
  3. Now here you will find eight radio-buttons. At the top line, there would be four radio buttons with text boxes and in the line below, there would be four radio buttons without text boxes.
  4. If you select an option from top line radio buttons, text box below it will become active. You need to provide a valid value in selected text box and click on Submit button.
  5. If you select an option from bottom line radio buttons, there will be no text box to provide a value, because these are automated features. You just need to select a radio button and click on Submit button.
  6. After clicking Submit button, selected operation will be performed on the original image and enhanced image will appear in "Enhanced Image" block.
  7. Once the enhanced image appears in "Enhanced Image" block, you can click on the "Download" button to save the enhanced image to your device.
  8. After clicking Download button, a pop-up will appear "Choose Image Format".
  9. There you can choose the image format, in which you want your enhanced image to get downloaded.
  10. Click on the Save button and your image will be downloaded in your system.
  11. If you don't want to download the image, you can click on "Cancel" button to cancel and clear the image download pop-up.

How does it works?

When you select an image and suppose you select a radio button to apply an image enhancement or image upscaling operation. Than that operation will be aplied to your original image. You can apply the selected feature on your image multiple times to further enhance its quality and achieve your desired results.

But if you select any other radio button to apply a different operation, the previous operation will be removed and new operation will be applied to your original image (not to the enhanced image achieved after applying previous operation).

To apply multiple operations to an image, you need to apply operations from a single feature at a time and download the enhanced image afterward. Then re-upload your enhanced image again to apply and perform additional operations on it from other feature.

We have been working continuously to include this and many other useful image enhancement features, which will be seamlessly integrated into the tool in the near future.

What are the valid values for the text boxes?

Valid values for the text boxes are between -400 to 400. Minimum value being -400 and Maximum value being 400, you can apply to your image for upscaling and adjusting it as per your requirement. Text boxes will only accept the numerical values between the mentioned range.

Defult value or starting value for these text boxes is 50. Which means your original image will appear as original on the value being assigned as 50. Values below 50 to -400 will update your image with lower image quality or resolution as compared to original image, and the values above 50 to 400 will enhance and upscale your image quality or resolution.

Ideal range for values are between 0 to 100.

Please be careful and conscious while providing the values in text boxes, as they may significantly enhance, degrade, blur, or sharpen your image. It may increase the size of the image greater than 19MB, which is the maximum size limit of an enhanced image permitted and hence your enhanced image may not appear.

What is the maximum image file size, tool can accept?

The maximum image file of size, you can upload in this tool is = 3 MB (Megabytes).

The image should only be displayed if its enhanced version is within the maximum size limit of 19 MB (Megabytes). Otherwise, an error will be shown. In that case, either adjust the image enhancement values or select different feature to apply or select an original image with lesser size or dimesnsions.

I am seeing my images in different dimensions in the app as compared to my orginal image. Does this tool reduce or increase the image dimensions or size?

Images will remain in the original dimensions as they are imported. The enhanced image will also maintain the same dimensions as the original image. For example: Suppose, if you have uploaded an image with dimensions of "800*600", your enhanced image will also have the dimensions of "800*600".

The images are just displayed in the app at a smaller size to fit the screen, which makes them easier to work with.

The image size may change depending on the amount of enhancement or adjustment factors, you apply on your images.

What about Data Privacy? Do you keep or store any of the original or enhanced image?

Answer to this is: No, "Not at all". Your data is 100% private and secure. We don't keep any of your data or images.

As soon as you click on the Remove button, your data or images is totally cleared from our systems and server.